9 Dreams

Bharatanatyam - Flamenco Production

Ars poetica

South- India and Andalusia. The emotional saturation and rhythmic similarities inspire the dance performance and the courses.



They undertake workshops and presentations all over the country and beyond the borders of the country. The courses are kept on a beginner level, but advanced techniques are available on request.


Dance performance

Bittner Meenakshi Dóra Bharatanatyam and Fülöp Csaba József Flamenco dance performance. The onstage met the tradition and passion. Two performers who go together on the way with theirs dreamlike encounters.


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Szüerro Dance School
1067 Budapest, Eötvös u. 50.
Tel.: +36 30 984 0816 and +36 1 707 5038
e-mail: produkcio@szuerro.hu